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Shougo Makishima & Shinya Kougami na We Heart It.

PSYCHO-PASS  /  Kagari Shūsei


Psycho Pass + Behind the Name

Reminder, I am blogsitting for Kristin until she gets back from her amazingly exotic vacation (that I am super fucking jealous of) on Monday.

I’m Jess and I hope you don’t hate me by the end of this hahaha.

(I’m hopelessly illiterate in the world of anime so don’t judge me too hard, kay?)

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Official Trailers

└ Tuffnut aka the world’s deadliest weapon


deer are so fucking dumb i want 47 of them

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Pokemon irl 

A+ Sora Moments


do you think sam ever just stops and thinks about jess

just kind of stops and thinks of her in the sad, resigned way you do when you’ve done your mourning and you’ve had your recovery period but the pain is still there, always a little twist in your chest

just thinks of her dancing at one of those silly college parties and smiles, just a fraction of a muscle moving at the corner of his mouth, just barely there, just a something to get him through another hunt, another trial

i’ve been having these weird thoughts lately .


dumbass with sword found dead with 2 gunshot wounds